An indie games studio. Currently developing Revival of Love.

About Revival of Love

Young saxophonist, Adolphine, sets off on a journey to heal an island which has sunken in darkness.

She will face demons, who once were wise and happy people, and will battle them using not weapons but her music and love to heal them.

The player will need to defeat two powerful bosses; one will be biker demon, whom Adolphine will need to defeat while riding her unicorn friend, and the other will be gigantic one, whom Adolphine will battle with the help of unicorns and healed island villagers musicians.

In the course of the game player will unlock new sax melodies, new outfits for Adolphine and in healed island areas player will meet various interesting cute animals and various flowers and plants who couldn’t live in that terrible darkness..

And much more!


Coming 2018 January 11