Hello! I am Ignas from Kaunas, Lithuania, founder of currently one-man indie studio called Crystal Games. 

The video game industry is filled with negativity, violence, hate speech, and other wrong aspects and our mission is to illuminate it by making positive, inspiring, fun, creative, beautiful, nonviolent, and vegan games πŸ™πŸŒž

I believe killing both animals and humans in video games affects us negatively subconsciously, like every other negative activity, no matter if you believe you have perfect control over your mind, it's just not possible.
Of course, the effect is little but it adds up in many little ways, which often are difficult to recognize.

It's actually very easy to understand if you simply imagine much higher levels of morality and humanity than we have nowβ€”such entertainment definitely wouldn't exist there. That's my destination πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌβ˜€οΈ

It's interesting that most vegans and people, in general, are very protective of violent entertainment. My explanation (definitely not the only reason) is it's the fear of losing the ability to enjoy 80% of the entertainment they like and have nostalgic feelings toward. But changes always require something to lose.

Violent entertainment definitely can be high quality and have lots of enjoyable and interesting vegan experiences but I choose to go further to feel better as I can't justify it anymore, but I could before. I hope that I am not the only one thinking like this 😁

Crystal Games will always go together with this principle.

I know this is a sensitive topic and many people strongly disagree, but I put my principles in front of money because I find them very important for improving the World. I would be much less happy if I did otherwise.

I don't think violent games make you violent directly. The direct effect is observed only in psychologically unstable people. It's rare of course. I am definitely not saying that video games can directly and quickly make stable people very violent and unstable. I am talking about subtle ways that become important when progressing in every area, in this case morally and ethically. You start to care about smaller things you couldn't see before in order to become better and better at something.